Get ready for Christmas

I had the opportunity to preach this past Sunday night, November 5, 
at West Cannon Baptist Church.

Pastor Doug was not feeling well so I filled in and preached a message entitled
"Get Ready for Christmas."

Here are some links related to the message.

Audio of the message:

Video Link to the message:
The sermon begins at 17:45

A graphic of one of the verses used in the message:

"Sunday Morning" video referenced:

A Sovereign Grace song related to the message of Getting Ready for Christmas:


How to Love Your Church on Sunday

I have been leading the "Your Walk with God is a Community Project" study 
on Wednesday nights and
have recently been visiting each of the Sunday School classes 
at West Cannon Baptist Church
in the effort to help our church become more welcoming 
and disciple-making focused.

I would love to see each of our church members love our church even more.
Loving your church is not just about liking or enjoying your church
but loving the people of your church and
looking for opportunities to build them up. 

Here is the bookmark resource that is being shared in the Sunday School classes.


Chapter 1 of Holiness - Sin

It is my prayer that God would use a group of people reading this book Holiness 
to help each of us grow closer and closer to Him.
For general info about the reading schedule go to 

Here are the questions for this first chapter.

1.  If you read the introduction, and I would highly recommend you read it,
how would you summarize it in one or two sentences?

GENERAL (Questions for each chapter)
2.  What is a quote or two from Chapter 1 that stood out to you?

3.  What was something this chapter said about God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit?

4. What was something this chapter said about man?

5.  What was something this chapter said about how a Christian is to live?  
Think general and specific applications.

SPECIFIC (Questions specific to this chapter)
6.  How is sin defined in this chapter?

7.  What is it that men are prone to do in regard to sin?

8.  What is the most significant thing that you learned from this chapter?

For more specific questions on this chapter through chapter 10 

Additional Resources:
Tim Challies wrote about the introduction and the first chapter on his blog