The Art of Neighboring

Here’s a thought
What if Jesus meant your actual neighbors when he said love your neighbors.
Neighboring starts when we begin developing Godly compassion and flexibility.
Remember this we don’t love our neighbors in order to convert them.   We love our neighbors because we are converted.
Here is simple activity to get you started
Use the chart below to fill in the following information.
A. The names of your neighbors
B. Some relevant information about your neighbor that you could not pick up merely by observing them. Where they grew up. Hobbies.
C. Some in depth information you would learn after connecting with someone. Career goals. Spiritual beliefs.
Then make an effort, a plan to get to know your neighbors.
Love and care for your neighbor not merely so they will get saved.
Love and care for your neighbor because you are saved. 
For a color pdf of the chart go to this website.

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