God's Glory in Our Stories

On December 4th, I started teaching a class entitled "God’s Glory in Our Stories." 

God has done and is doing so many amazing things in the lives of His people. 

We will be looking at testimonies 

  in the Bible (Biblical)

  throughout church history (Biographical)

  in our church family (Personal)

and what these real-life stories show us about our amazing God. 

Along with Biblical and historical teaching, individuals will have the opportunity to consider and share their own stories of God’s faithfulness. 

Each week of class will contain a Biblical, Biographical, and Personal element.

In some ways, this class is an experiment or a lab.  

The Personal part of the class is going to be dependent on the class members' willingness to share life with one another.

A schedule of Biographies has been set up but this has some flexible and can change depending on class discussions.

The Biblical portion of each week will look at passages that include people's life story (Matthew 1 - Jesus, Joshua 23, 24 - Joshua, John 9:1 - 34 - The blind man's testimony, Acts 7 - Stephen, Acts 22, 26 - Paul, Philemon - Onesimus)


This article, 8 Reasons to Read Christian Biographiesincludes some great reasons to read biographies.

It is my prayer that the class will challenge people to glorify God in their lives as they see how God has been glorified in other people's lives.

Below is the video to Big Daddy Weave's song "My Story."  This song is what I pray people attending the class would think about.  

Here are the first two parts of the song 

If I told you my storyYou would hear hope, that wouldn't let goAnd if I told you my storyYou would hear love that never gave up
And if I told you my storyYou would hear life, but it wasn't mineIf I should speak, then let it be of the graceThat is greater than all my sin