Gods Glory Class and Sermon

This morning I had a couple of ministry opportunities - teaching class and preaching a sermon.

Teaching the God's Glory in Our Stories class at 9:45.

We discussed 
last week's sermon - Paul's testimony in Acts 22 (head - what did you learn or were you reminded of, heart - what do you need to be more passionate about, head - what do I need to do) 
heard a couple of salvation testimonies.
At the end of class we very briefly looked at the life of Amy Carmichael.  Here is a link to the Torchlighters resource page - Torchlighters:  Amy Carmichael resources.

Preaching Philippians 3:7, 8 at 11:00 am.

As an associate pastor, I want to make the most of the occassional preaching opportunities God gives me.  This morning I preached this week's Fighter Verses, which connected well with Pastor Brett's Acts 22 sermon last week on Paul's testimony.
Hope in the WHATEVER THINGS is worthless and detestable. 
Our lives need to sing of THE GREAT THINGS God has done especially THE GREATEST THING - Jesus, who conquered the grave, freed captives, is faithful in the storm.



Quotes about knowing Jesus shared very quickly in the sermon:
    • "To know is more than facts about someone. It is an intimate experience."  John MacArthur   
    • "Sinners must know something to be saved, and they also must know someone intellectually  and experientially."  Robert Gromacki 
    • "This knowledge is different from the knowledge we gain through objective academic study, though information is part of our growing personal knowledge of Christ."   Thomas Constable  
    • "Communion with Christ that began at his conversion and had been his experience all the years since then."  Expositor's Bible Commentary  
    • "A believing experimental acquaintance with Christ as Lord."  Matthew Henry  
    • "There is a wide difference between mere head knowledge and experimental thoughts of Christ."  J.C. Ryle  
    • "Knowledge that has to do with personal experience and intimate relationship."  Gordon Fee

 In the sermon I mentioned Jim Elliot's biography.  Here are some resources.