Montrose Baptist Church

This Sunday I have the privilege of teaching the Sunday School lesson and preaching the morning message at Montrose Baptist Church, my friend Shane's church.

The studies are focused on the Holy Spirit.
The Sunday School lesson is entitled "Who or What is the Holy Spirit?"  This lesson is very similar to the unified study lesson West Cannon Baptist Church did last spring.  

I would very much appreciate your prayers today in the final preparation and tomorrow.

One of the big challenges in preparing for the message has been finding the time to prepare.  Over the last two weeks, I have grown in my appreciation for bi-vocational pastors.  

Tim Challies Holy Spirit quiz
Acts 1:8 Sermon Notes

Gospel Project podcast "Ministry as Gospel-Centered Parents and Leaders." 
While the whole podcast is good, the issue of talking with children about the Trinity occurs at the 15 minute mark.
Desiring God's "Look at the Book" Resource
Below is the video on Romans 8:9 which looks at "the glory of the Trinity in our salvation and the role of the Spirit in showing that we belong to Jesus." 
Some people say Romans 8 is the Greatest Chapter in the Bible. 
John Piper introduces a 30+ video study on this chapter HERE. 

Blaspheming the Holy Spirit