Why small groups in light of the deep, powerful truth in Romans….

While reading through Romans 1:1-17, I was struck by the number of times relationships are mentioned.
Paul wants to meet with the Romans to strengthen them.  Romans 1:11
Paul knows that their faith will be a mutual encouragement.  Romans 1:12
Paul wants to see the fruit among the church and the  rest of the Gentiles  Romans 1:13
Paul needs to share the gospel with different groups.  Romans 1:14
The spread of the gospel from the Jews to the Gentiles makes visible the power of the Gospel.  Romans 1:16
In thinking about Soul Care and the deep truth in Romans, I wanted to share the following quote from the book Community.
We do not have community groups to close the back door of the church.
We do not have community groups because people need to belong or we need to care for one another.
These are good secondary effects of authentic community.
These effects are not the foundation.
We have community groups because we have seen the glory of God and we have been given the  grace to live our lives to exalt the Christ.
We have community groups because we have been reconciled to God and one another.
We have community groups as a proclamation of the goodness of our God and testimony to the completed work of the cross.
This is the foundation for gospel-saturated community that will overflow with life. 
Page 43
The power of the gospel is made known as Jews and Gentiles, Greeks and barbarians, wise and foolish are saved and brought together by the power of God.
Our Soul Care ministry is not about meeting felt needs.
Our Soul Care ministry is not about caring for people.
Our Soul Care ministry is not about getting more people to 4207 W. Laskey Road.
Our Soul Care ministry is about people growing in their satisfaction in Christ and helping others grow in their satisfaction.
Genuine Soul Care comes in helping people understand that their soul will be truly satisfied and cared for only when they are resting in Jesus Christ.