No More Shots

I had my 6 month doctor appointment with my endocrinologist today.

He said my sugar levels and other numbers have been improving.
I do not need to take insulin shots. I am continuing with medication and diet.
This is great news for someone who hates needles and shots.

Also, tomorrow night is a big senior social on campus. BBCs Got Talent. Be praying for preparation and last minute details.


Worship services & Doctor Appointment

Last Thursday our friend Josh along with several others from Proskuneo Ministry were here in Clarks Summit for a multilingual worship service. We had 25 people there not including volunteers. For a rainy Thursday night, that was a good number. There were a couple of people who have not been there in quite some time. It was a great opportunity to share Christ in a different way. Many of the people who were there have shared that it was a real blessing. The worship service at BBC that evening was also awesome. We sang worship songs in NINE different languages.

If you want to find out how to more specifically prayer for the rescue mission.
Tomorrow I have my 6 month appointment regarding my diabetes. One of the big things we will be discussing is a certain number, I cannot remember which one. If the number is at a good level I will probably have surgery on my feet this summer.