End of June Update

This update is posted a little later than I planned because we were given free tickets to a Toledo Mudhens baseball game!

The 30th entry in The Gospel Primer is entitled "My Manifesto."  It is a very appropriate today.  Here are two extended quotes.
Boldness is critical. Without boldness, my life story will be one of great deeds left undone, victories left unwon, petitions left unprayed, and timely words unsaid. If I wish to live only a pathetically small portion of the life God has prepared for me, then I need no boldness. But if I want my life to bloom full and loom large for the glory of God, then I must have boldness – and nothing so nourishes boldness in me like the gospel!
The more I comprehend what God has done for me through Christ, the more I find myself confidently coming before God in prayer, 156 speaking to Him in situations in which I formerly would have shrunk from Him, and offering requests that I formerly would have been too timid to offer (due either to the largeness of the request or my own sinful unworthiness). With greater boldness in prayer comes an increased enjoyment of God and the bounty that He gives, due simply to the fact that I was daring enough to ask for what was needed. 
During this time of so many transitions, it is my prayer that God would help me grow in prayerful dependence upon Him.  I am so thankful for how God has grown me in this BUT I also know I have so much more growth.

And today I read Psalm 121, which is full of great reminders of who God is.

Below are some specific prayer requests

  • My new role of advisory/transitional begins July 1st.  My responsibilities will change from children, family, Soul Care and Christian education to helping the pastoral team at EBC move forward with the mission of glorifying God by making disciples who are submitted to His lordship, grounded in His teaching and sincere in His love.  
  • On Sundays we are going to be visiting different churches.  Some of these churches will be potential future ministries.  Other church visits will be opportunities to encourage and learn from pastor friends here in Toledo and elsewhere.   
  • We would really appreciate your prayers for discernment as we consider the ministry opportunities God seems to be providing.  There are some possibilities in Michigan and one possibility in New Jersey.  Each possibility is a great opportunity to serve Jesus Christ in a church.  These very different opportunities (lead/associate and urban/suburban) and each have their challenges and blessings.  By the middle of July, we should be prayerfully focusing in on what God has next for us.
  • I am also going to be speaking at Camp Patmos' Junior Camp week from July 17 through 22.  Pray for my preparation, speaking and the kids who will be there.  
  • We have accepted an offer on our home after only three days on the market. 
  • We are prayerfully waiting on the inspection report, appraisal and closing for our home.
    • 6/30 update:  Inspection went well.  Only one thing that needs to be fixed.  Very thankful.
  • Here is the amazing God thing!  One of my biggest concerns as we began this whole process was finding a buyer for the house.  God, in His sovereign authority and powerful grace and perfect wisdom, gave us a buyer for our home before He gave us a place to go.  
  • While there is the uncertainty of where we will be during the upcoming school year, we are really trying to help the kids look to the Lord and trust Him.  
  • We also have some health things coming up and would appreciate your prayers.
    • Krista is having ear surgery on July 13th to repair a hole in her eardrum.
    • Jadyn has to have quite a bit of dental work done.  
  • God has been using Bible verses from the Fighter Verses and other reading, the devotional books New Morning Mercies and Gospel Primer, and various songs to remind me of God's goodness and sovereignty.  Here are some of the specific verses that have been an encouragement.