Camp is Great! Church is Better!!

I want to thank those who have been praying for my time here at Camp Patmos.

Last week I spoke to over 60 Junior campers (4th - 6th graders).  We sent a group of 11 campers to this camp.  This week I am speaking to over 50 middle schoolers.  This week has been a special blessing because many of the Junior campers from my last 3 years of speaking are here.

An extra blessing has been getting to know the Patmos staff better this second week.  It has been energizing being around a group of young men and women who are passionate about serving the Lord not only at camp but in their lives and careers.

Please pray for the staff here at Camp Patmos and other Christian camps like Lake Ann as they finish up their summer camping season.

Pray for the kids who made decisions at camp!  Pray they would grow closer and closer to God.
I have been encouraging the campers during both weeks to get plugged into a church because a week is not enough!

As I finish up two great weeks here, I want to let everyone know that I am very thankful for those who serve at Emmanuel Baptist Church week in and week out.  While exciting summer camps are awesome.  "The church exists for nothing else but to draw men into Christ."I love having the opportunity to speak truth into campers' lives for a week.
Even more so, I love being part of the church's weekly, even daily, ministry in the lives of individuals and families.