Backyard Bible Clubs

I want to share a couple of lessons I learned during the 4 week Bible study we did in our neighborhood.
  • Backyard Bible Clubs need prayer.
    • While we did have different people praying for our Bible, I wish I had found THIS BIBLE STUDY GUIDE before we started our study.
  • Backyard Bible Clubs do NOT need to be in your backyard.  
    • Three of the weeks we met in our family room. 
    • Because of weather, we moved our fourth week egg hunt over to Emmanuel Baptist Church.
    • The location is obviously dependent on the number of kids, the time of the year and the size of your home.
  • Backyard Bible Clubs do need to include a Bible story.  
  • Backyard Bible Clubs do NOT need to be life long clubs.
    • We did our's for 4 weeks.  
What Might God Do in Your Backyard This Summer?  Click HERE for some possibilities.


God-centered Gospel

"God has placed children who do not know Him in your lives for a purpose.  Might that purpose be so that you can be salt and light to them and their families?"
Sally Michael

This Sunday night (04.26.17), I have the opportunity to share at Emmanuel Baptist Church's Sharing Your Faith Seminar.

One of the resources that has been very helpful is Children Desiring God's seminars on the Gospel.

Here are the introduction points to the "Presenting the Gospel to Children" seminar.

How do we present the gospel to children in a God-centered way?

First, we need to understand three encompassing themes in the gospel message:
  1. GOD is the starting point of the gospel.
  2. GOD is the vehicle of the gospel.
  3. GOD is the goal of the gospel. 
Secondly, keep in mind the following four things:
  1. Understand your role as a parent or teacher — you are to be a planter and waterer of the truth. (1 Corinthians 3:6) 
  2. Have a long-term perspective. 
  3. The hope is in the MESSAGE not the method. (Romans 10:17) 
  4. Put the gospel message in its proper context: within the whole counsel of God. (2 Timothy 3:14-15)
Here is an electronic copy the 10 Essential Truths handout