Mouths & Fingers of Mission, Not Destruction - Fighter Verses

Today's Fighter Verses are Psalm 141:3-4.

The link to the devotional is below.
But I wanted to add two thoughts before you read it.  

First, from this past Sunday's message:  Pastor Duke said "If your obedience is lacking, look at your worship."  There is a connection between this quote and this week's Fighter verses.  
If you are having trouble controlling your words, it is not only a tongue problem.  It is a worship problem. If you are argumentative and defensive all the time, you have a worship problem.
If you use words that are not wholesome and encouraging, you have a worship problem.
If you put others down to make yourself look good, you have a worship problem. 

Second, "words" come not only from the mouth but also from the fingers. 
All of these thoughts need to used to evaluate the words we speak and the words we post. Here is the devotional.

Check out the devotional -  http://fighterverses.com/blog-post/mouths-of-mission-not-destruction-ps-1413-4/