Last week was an awesome week

I just wanted to share a couple of things that made last week great.
Now each of these things were specific events/times on our calendar but looking back they were so much more than that.  
God really used each of these specific times to help me and my family see how God is working in our lives and in the lives of others.  
In the midst of some difficult circumstances, God has used these and many other truths and circumstances to encourage me.  
I share each of these things not to show some sort of "online utopia" in the Rodgers' house.  You know what I mean, that social media picture of perfection that many try to show online. 
I share this for the purpose of "glorifying God."  I am so very thankful that God shows us grace so many different ways - from little blessing throughout the week to the HUGE, life-changing blessing of Jesus Christ.
Our week was filled with blessings but it was not perfect.

It has been filled with struggles of all different kinds and sizes but in looking back I want to focus on God and his goodness and greatness in the midst of those challenges.

Tuesday:  Case for Christ:  Part 1

Joel, Josiah and I went to see The Case for Christ.  It was a great movie.  The boys and I had some great conversations after the movie.  I wrote about the movement at drodgersjr.blogspot.com/2017/04/case-for-christ-review.html

Wednesday:  Case for Christ:  Part 2

Krista went to see the Case for Christ with one of our neighbors.  I also was asked to share my review on the General Association of Regular Baptist Churches website, this is the assocation EBC is part of.  Here is the link where they posted my review - www.garbc.org/commentary/culture/movie-review-the-case-for-christ/

Thursday:  Kids' Bible Study

This Thursday was the last of our 4-week neighborhood Bible study with 13 kids in our neighborhood.  Krista clearly shared the Gospel with the kids.  Then we had an Easter egg hunt.  The other three weeks were at our house.  Because of weather, the last week's study and egg hunt were at the church. 

Friday:  Rogue One with the boys & Good Friday with the Family

From a facebook post on April 14:

We watched Rogue One today with a couple of boys. I told them I am very thankful that the Story of God's Glory is so much bigger and better than ANY story we can create. Showed them this video -http://www.rpmministries.org/2011/04/its-friday-but-sundays-coming/   and I told them about a book - Finding God in a Galaxy Far, Far Away. Each chapter ends with a "learn to live in awe..." section. 

For example chapter two ends with "Learn to live in awe by believing in a larger world than your eyes can see."

Here is a quote from the author "We have come from God ... [so] inevitably the myths woven by us, though they contain error, reflect a splintered fragment of the true light, the eternal truth that is with God. Myths may be misguided, but they steer however shakily toward the true harbor." http://www.timothypauljones.com/4522/

We had a good family devotional time at home.  We watched a couple of videos about Holy Week awww.crossway.org/blog/2014/04/the-final-days-of-jesus-sunday-march-29-ad-33/

Saturday:  Work Day

The boys and I had a great opportunity to work at the house of an Emmanuel family that needed some yard work done.

I was very thankful for the boys work and the McNeal's rewarding their hard work.

Sunday:  Resurrection Sunday
On Resurrection Sunday I had the opportunity to teach the 1st - 5th graders on Sunday morning.  Fifty-six kids heard that "God is the boss."  "People are sinners."  "Jesus is the only ONE who saves."  I used many of the things we had done in our neighborhood Bible study in order to provide a model for what families can do with their neighbors.

Over the last couple of days Facebook memory, a good friend, and Tim Challies have reminded me of a quote that I read 6 years ago.

This quote popped up on my facebook memory on Friday and then Tim Challies posted this on Saturday.
Thank you, God for great reminders.