No news is...

How would you finish that statement?

Well, we haven't updated in over a week so let me finish it from the Rodgers' perspective.

No news is a sign that lots of things are happening.

I haven't really had time recently to sit down and write.

Here are some recent photos: http://drodgers1.photosite.com/Octandnov/?page=1

Several class assignments quizzes and things coming due.

Working retail in November is definitely interesting. I have been getting a lot of hours. Maybe to much with family and my class load.

Life as RDs is always a challenge but we are learning more and more each and every day. Krista continues to build relationships with the girls.

Joel is growing up so fast. It is hard to believe that in less than a month he will be four years old.

Josiah is a little cutey with his "crooked smile" (a phrase used by my mom). He will be six months old on Joel's birthday.

Here are is a list of some random things (from the serious to not so serious) going on with us.
1. November 28th is my next sermon in my Expository preaching class.
2. November 30th is my next BIG greek test.
3. (Not so serious) I need to overcome the depression I am going through as I consider the Steelers tremendous dropoff from last year to this year.
4. (Not so serious) The "BIG GAME" (OSU/UofM -listed alphabetically in an effort not to offend any family or friends) is still a big deal out here I thought could escape the madness in a move to PSU territory but it cannot be avoided. One of my profs grew up in Ohio and is a huge OSU fan. The chaplain is from Michigan.