Three Amazing Stories of Christian Service!!

People give many different reasons people give to not serve in children’s ministry.  You may have thought of and/or used many different reasons yourself

Over the last several weeks I have seen two VERY legitimate reasons to not serve.

One excuse is “I am in the hospital in Cleveland and may be for some time.”
The other is “I had brain surgery last week.”

A couple of weeks ago, Tammie Tetgmeier had brain surgery.  She had brain surgery on Friday, missed that Sunday and then taught the 4th and 5th grade 9:00 am class the next Sunday.  She let the class know that if her surgery was earlier in the week she might have been in class, but because her brain surgery was scheduled for Friday, she wasn’t able to be in class.

Desiree from the Cleveland Clinic getting ready to
Skype the 1st-3rd grade lesson 2 weeks ago.
Desiree Hillmon has been struggling with MS for some time now.  Recently she has been in a couple of different hospitals.  Yet she still teaches the 1st – 3rd grade 9:00 am class every other week through Skype.  She has powerpoint slides, songs for the kids to sing and so much more. 

Their dedication and examples of service in the midst of difficulties overwhelm me and make me very thankful.   I am thankful not only because I am the pastor of children and family ministry but because two of my children, Josiah and Jadyn, are learning how to live out a Christian life of love and service in the midst of challenges along with the Sunday School Bible lessons.

As I think about these ladies and their example, I am reminded of so many different people who have made a huge impact in my life.  One of these families is the Steffler family.  Melvin and Reida Steffler and their daughters Ann and Linda were, and still are, such a big part of my spiritual growth.  They taught classes, served in the music ministry and so much more at church.  But even more than that they invested in my family.  They showed us what hospitality was by hosting meals in their home.  They showed us how to pray by praying for us.  Melvin passed away many years ago and Reida’s health is failing, and yet the impact they made on me continues to grow. 

I am thankful for the lessons each of these individuals have taught in the church building.  I am even more thankful for the lessons they have taught and are teaching us as they live out the truth of God’s Word.