Even Better Than a Steeler Game

Shane sharing at the MARBC conference 
Bob, Shane, Scott

Sunday night I had the great opportunity to go to the Steelers/Lions game and it was awesome.
But in all honesty, Tuesday was even more exciting for me and I genuinely mean that.
At the Michigan Association of Regular Baptist Churches (MARBC) conference I was able to hear me friend Shane along with Bob, one of the deacons from Montrose Baptist Church and Scott, the lead pastor of South Baptist Church share about the partnership between there two churches which are 30 minutes apart.

The four main sessions of this year's MARBC conference focused on the core values of the association:
- Biblically and doctrinally resolute

- Engaging our neighbors
- Pursuing cultural and generational diversity
- Progressing in ministry mindset and method

Each of the sermons was a great challenge to pastors and churches.  When the links become available, I will share them.

Along with these great messages, there was an emphasis on churches partnering together. On Monday and Tuesday, frontline stories of church partnerships were shared.  Monday we heard the story Blythefield Hills Baptist Church and Northland Baptist Church.
Then on Tuesday Bob, Shane and Scott shared about the partnership between South Baptist Church and Montrose Baptist Church.
South desire to be more involved in ministry in their "Samaria."  They are helping Montrose by supplementing Shane's salary and benefits and sharing other resources.  They are looking for ways to encourage and help this smaller church while also being encouraged and helped by Shane and Montrose Baptist Church.    

It was very exciting to hear about the partnership between South and Montrose.  
It was exciting to hear about how God is using my friend Shane.  
It was exciting to hear about how God is using this and other partnerships to help the church fulfill its general mission.  
It was exciting to hear about independent churches with interdependent relationships!