Family Devotion Failure and of all the days it was today!!

I was going to post some family worship ideas/thoughts yesterday.

At first, I was disappointed that I didn't get a chance to post but this morning I realized God had more He wanted me to learn before posting.

This past Sunday EKIDZ lesson was "God preserves the Israelites in the wilderness." ekidzministry.blogspot.com/2016/05/teacher-resource-god-preserves-israel.html
Our good, loving God provided in amazing ways for the Israelites despite their complaining.

The Israelites complained against God when they were thirsty (15:24).
Still, God made undrinkable water drinkable (15:25).

The Israelites complained against God when they were hungry (16:1-2).

Still, God provided manna and quail (16:12).

The Israelites complained when they were thirsty again (17:2).
Still, God provided water from a rock (17:8).

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we had some good times of family worship.
On Tuesday, I even shared with the kids a great section of the Gospel Primer that was connected with that day's devotional.

Every time  I deliberately disobey a command of God, it is because I am in that moment doubtful as to God’s true intentions in giving me that command. Does He really have my best interests at heart? Or is He withholding something from me that I would be better off having?  Such questions, whether consciously asked or not, lie underneath every act of disobedience.
Each of these days we did the devotionals from the Generation of Grace Family Devotional Guide.  
We prayed and then sent the kids off.


And then this morning. 
I don't need to go into the gory details but let me just say this Thursday morning was no Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday morning.  NOT EVEN CLOSE!!!!

We did NOTHING for family devotions.  Not. A. Single. Thing.
The kids almost missed their ride to school.  

After they left, I told Krista I had really wanted to do today's Family Devotion with them.
After all, it was the Gospel Connection!

First three days - God is a great provider.
Fourth day - Thursday - this morning - of all the mornings - Jesus provides living water.  John 4:7 - 15.  The water Jesus offered the woman at the well was so much better than the miraculous water from the rock.

But not this morning!!!

And to make matters "worse" I was the elementary chapel speaker this morning.
The living water devotional coupled with what I was talking about in chapel was going to be a great one-two Gospel combination for my kids and for me.

But not today!!!  Of all the days to have a Family Devotions Failure

This morning God wanted to teach me something so much different than my planned one-two combination.  This morning God helped me realize a couple of important truths...
  • It is not about the perfectly planned presentation.  It is about faithfulness and consistency, even on those CRAZY hair pulling mornings.  The kids knew that Krista and I had planned to do devotions with them.  I will talk with them about what needs to be different in the mornings.  The reality is families have mornings like this.  
  • I have to make the most of the opportunities that God does provide and not let what seems like missed opportunities take my eyes off of the One who truly does the work.  Despite the bad morning.  I think the chapel message was clear.
  • This is just another long list of personal reminders that family worship is difficult but it is worth it.  HERE is an "encouraging" article entitled "Stumbling through Family Faith Talks for the Glory of God."  
These talks don't always go as planned.  O.K. to be honest more than "don't always go as planned."  BUT sharing the life-changing truths of the Gospel with my family, the ones God has entrusted to me, is more important than my ease and comfort.

As a pastor, I want to help the families at Emmanuel Baptist Church, understand the importance of and some basic way to do family devotions.  This is the purpose of this blog.  If you have questions leave in the comment section below or go to www.emmanuelbaptist.com/email/