Hope: A Long time ago, next year and beyond!

Three specific events have motivated my writing this blog post.
The release of the newest Star Wars movie.
The upcoming presidential election.
The 2015 Christmas series of messages and kid's lessons at EBC.

The Bible is the story TRUE, REAL HOPE found in Jesus Christ.

In Hollywood, hope is the theme of so many movies and TV shows.  The Star Wars phenomenon started with the promise of a New Hope.  Hope found in a young farm boy who would save his father and the universe. Great story but not lasting hope. 

Hope doesn't come in a movie theater.    
This dream of Hope is not merely a feel good Hollywood movie theme. It is something that motivates a nation

In 2008, then presidential candidate campaigned on the idea of Hope.   Whatever your politics, hope, REAL, TRUE HOPE, doesn't come from a political party or a specific candidate no matter what the position.  Hope doesn't come from the right person winning this upcoming presidential election.       

Over the last three Sundays I have been reminded over and over again of what real hope is at Emmanuel Baptist Church.

On December 6th, the kid's lesson was "God announces the coming Messiah in Genesis 3."   
The sermon was on the God-centeredness of God. 
In the Garden, Adam and Eve did not trust the fact that God is the best gift.  They wanted what they thought was better and it wasn't.  
Treasure Jesus! 

On December 13, the kid's lesson was "God announces the coming Messiah in the prophets."  
The big idea of the sermon was "God works for those who wait for Him."  
God, who is faithful, made promise and His people needed to wait on Him to fulfill that promise.
Trust in Jesus!

On December 20, the kid's lesson was "God prepares the way of the coming Messiah through John the Baptist."  
One of the application points of the sermon was speak of the light that others might see!
Share Jesus!

If you have Christ, you have REAL, TRUE, LASTING HOPE!
If you have a Hope problem, where are you looking for hope? 
Washington, D.C.?
The empty grave?

Only one of these three offer real hope!