Joel's 4th birthday!

Today was Joel's 4th birthday!

We had a little party at our apartment for him.

These are three of the other RD boys that are Joel's age.

They had a great time playing, eating pizza and an "Incredibles" cake.

It is hard to believe he is already four.

Below is a family picture with Joel's "Incredibles" cake included.

Krista made the cake and one of the girls from the dorm decorated it.

This picture was taken right before Josiah put his hand into the frosting.


Pictures from October beach trip that I forgot to post

As many of you know Krista and I lived in the Dominican Republic for several years. During that time we enjoyed beach trips during those months when it was cold here in the states. Well, our location has changed but we still enjoy a beach trip every now and then.

Josiah's first trip to the beach. It was a little cold and overcast but not a bad October day weather wise for NEPA.

Once your in the water for a little while it starts to numb your legs so you can no longer feel anything. Help, I cannot move. (This seemed like a good idea before I got into the water)

Krista and Josiah hiking through the woods

Josiah enjoying his first hike

At beautiful scene at Rickett's Glen. See if you can find David.

Josiah took this picture for us. He needs to learn how to zoom out but what can you expect from a 4 month old.

If the link isn't working, use the above website to see the pictures.