More than a flurry

1. Snow
2. Josiah
3. Some prayer requests.

4. More snow pictures

1. Snow
My last post mentioned a flurry of snow and activities.
Today we had more than a flurry. They actually cancelled classes at noon because the roads were getting bad. On Mondays I have class from 9:00 to noon.
Here is a picture of Joel and I out having some fun in the snow. I put some more snow pictures at the end of the blog.

April 16th

2. Josiah
Here is a picture of Josiah. He is getting so big and crawling around everywhere.

3. Prayer requests

Dorm related:
-Tomorrow is the Vibbard tea to show appreciate to the staff and staff wives. Today snow has thrown a little curve ball into the planning process. There is a senior recital right before it. Pray for the setup, last minute details and that the evening would show the guests how much they are appreciated.
-End of the year details including new room assignments, Resident Assistant positions and dorm officers.

Class related:
This Friday Bible Memory Test (yes, those who had me as a teacher, now I have to take the memory verse tests)

Next week I have two projects (Global Missions and Church History)
Next Tuesday I also have another Greek test.
Then the following week is finals.

Family related:
Pray that we would be able to keep our focus during these last couple of weeks.
Pray for Joel and Josiah as they continue to grow.

4. More April 16th snow pictures
The view out our backdoor

Some of the girls from Vibbard enjoying an April snow day off.