Read about Reading (alternate title: Read? I’ll just wait until the movie comes out)

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No there is not a movie based on this post coming soon.
But I do want to remind each of us of the importance of reading.
As a Christian writing about the topic of reading, I must begin with an very obvious and necessary reminder.
In the book Lit!  A Christian Guide to Reading Books, Tony Reinke writes “Scripture is the ultimate grid by which we read every book. Scripture is perfect, sufficient, and eternal. All other books, to some degree, are imperfect, deficient, and temporary. That means that when we pick books from the bookstore shelves, we read those imperfect books in light of the perfect Book, the deficient books in light of the sufficient Book, and the temporary books in light of the eternal Book.” (p. 26)
We, the pastors of Emmanuel Baptist Church, have recommended many different books.  We actually have several classes, like our current Christ-Centered Church study, that are based on books other than the Bible.  I was tempted to list some of them but decided not to AT THIS TIME.  However, if you have read a book recommended by an EBC pastor, post the title below.  You could even include a comment or two about the book.
One of the reasons we recommend books is because there is a lot of teaching on topics and specific issues we would like to do but we realize
Godly, Bible saturated books have been written on these topics
we and you don’t have the time to sit in a classroom to learn about every topic
we want to equip you become self-feeders.
Two online resources to help you read more:
Don Whitney writes “By reading one page per day you can read 365 pages in a year, or the equivalent of two full-length books. That may not sound like much, but it’s far better than not reading at all. Moreover, by some accounts this would place you above half the U.S. population in the number of books read each year.”
Here is an article by Tim Challies on how to read more.
For a post on how parents can ignite in others a love for book reading, click HERE