July 28th - TLC Week #1 is finished.

A year ago today we were driving out here to Clarks Summit.

I could go all melodramatic about it but I won't. I can summarize what I am thinking in a two thoughts.
  • God is so amazing and imaginative. He provides in ways you could never even imagine.
  • One of those amazing methods of providing is through His people. We have been so blessed to have a great family and a group of awesome friends who are such a support to us.
I came across this verse while preparing for Sunday School:
Psalm 105:4 "Look to the LORD and his strength; seek his face always."
I pray that I would do this every moment of my life.


It's July 25th already?!?!?!

I cannot believe how fast the summer seems to be going. (A summer time photo is at the end of this post)
  • We have been out here for almost a year. Just about a year ago, Larry A. and several others helped us fit all of our stuff into that Penske truck that most people said would be to small. I knew Larry would find a way to do it. (God was amazing in provided so many friends and family members to help with our move)
  • I finished up my second summer module last week.
  • The first week of TLC (Teen Leadership Conference) is halfway over.
Some update information:
  • Josiah is walking and I mean HE IS WALKING. Just last Wednesday he decided it was time and it doesn't seem like he has stopped since.
  • Joel finished two weeks of swim lessons. Not quite ready for olympic diving or racing but if they come up with an event that involves putting your head underwater and blowing bubbles he will be great. He is a very imaginative boy. Yesterday, he informed Krista that he was going to camp for nine days. He went into his room and played for awhile. Then he came out and told us he was back and camp was a lot of fun. He brought "home" several trophies.
  • Krista has had some good contacts with some of the girls who will be in the dorm next year. One of the RAs (resident assistants) is here in Vibbard as a counselor for TLC.
  • I am finished with all of my work for my second module class. I have been working at Borders on the weekends and at maintenance here on campus for the first part of the week.

Pray for....

  • Wisdom in parenting both Joel and Josiah. Now that Josiah is walking it seems like he wants to get into everything and he gets very upset when we don't allow him to do that.
  • Wisdom about what do with Joel for preschool this year and kindergarten next year. (It is hard to believe it is that time already.
  • Wisdom for Krista and the dorm leadership as they prepare for this upcoming year. Specifically pray for Krista as she thinks through how to develop a dorm theme for this.
  • Discipine for me as I get ready for this next school year (begins August 27) and my last summer class (begins August 13 and runs for two weeks). Especially pray for me as I review Greek and prepare for my second year of language study.
  • Wisdom and discipline for me and the other men going on the Jamaica missions trip from October 19 through 29.
  • Open hearts as Heritage Baptist Church follows up with people who visited the church during Vacation Bible School.
  • a willingness to make the most of every opportunity God gives us this upcoming year.

Josiah enjoying the rainbow that daddy "caught" for him.


Teen Leadership Conference!!!

Today (Monday July 23rd) is the first day of the first week of TLC (Teen Leadership Conference). This week over 500 high school students will be on campus. They are going to challenged by many different speakers, seminars and worship to serve the Lord and seek opportunities to lead others.

Please pray for TLC during the next two weeks. This week we have a packed dorm. Actually the are using extra mattresses in some of the rooms.