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On September 10, Trinity Baptist Church will begin its Fall Adult Christian Education (ACE) class. Instead of the three or four different classes, we will have three groups doing the same study, "We are the Church."  

This continues to build on our one combined summer study, "Theology Matters."  One specific lesson was "What is the Church?"  Zac Harmon did a great job teaching that lesson. Still, as we think about the details of the community that is our church family, it is essential to understand what the church—universal—around the world and local—here at Trinity Baptist Church is.  

In our study of "We are the Church," we will explore the Biblical idea of the church in general, what Trinity Baptist Church does explicitly, and why.

Two ideas that will be emphasized throughout the study are as follows:
The church is a specific group of people - saved people.
The church's focus must be the glorification of God. Two ways we do this are through spiritual growth and sharing the Gospel.

While the main reason for this study is the importance of the church in God's plan. A secondary reason is to get to know your church family as we are reminded of the church. In the groups, people will share testimonies and pray together. The three groups are based on the deacon care groups, and each group will be taught a very similar class. The Red Group will be meeting downstairs in Room #3. The Green Group will be meeting in the Fireplace Room. The Blue and Yellow Groups will be meeting in the Chapel.  

Plan to join your Deacon Care group starting September 10.

  • The Red Group will be meeting in Room 3 downstairs.
  • The Green Group will be meeting in the Fireplace Room.
  • The Blue and Yellow Groups will be meeting in the Chapel.

Remember the purposes of this study.

  • Grow in an understanding of what the church is - universal and local (Trinity Baptist Church)
  • Grow in our love for and knowledge of people in our deacon care group
  • Remember who we are and what we do so we can focus on the main thing.

Lesson Schedule

9/10        Introduction
9/17        Meaningful Membership
9/24        Intentional Relationships
10/1        Ministries of the Church
10/08      75th Celebration
10/15      Prayer & the Church
10/22      The Bible & the Church
10/29      Preaching & the Church
11/05      Leadership & the Church
11/12      Discipline & the Church
11/19      The Gathering of the Church