We enjoyed visiting family in Toledo over the Christmas break.
While I was back in Clarks Summit, I came across this list that reminded me of Toledo.

O.K. I know I only lived in Toledo for four years but I saw this list and thought it was very funny.
There are more. The list actually contained 125 things. I deleted some and edited others.
So if you are from Toledo enjoy the list and feel free to comment about them.

If you are You know you are from Toledo when...
1.) You get tired of hearing about Katie Holmes.
2.) You have gotten or almost gotten a ticket in Ottawa Hills.
4.) You refuse to call it Westfield Shopping Center, because we all know it is really Franklin Park Mall.
5.) You freeze to death walking around The Toledo Zoo at 10 degrees because you want to see christmas lights.
7.) You know what Meijer is.
8.) If you see a driver that is driving erratically you automatically check for the Michigan licence plate.
9.) You know what Magic Wok is.
10.) Visiting Cedar Point is a tradition dating back to the elementary school years.
12.) You know who Jamie Farr is.
13.) Cosi was a yearly class field trip.
15.) You know what Krogering is.
16.) You felt cool going to Ohio State on weekends as a kid.
17.) When you can pick one of five Wal*Marts to drive to, all in a 10 minute range of eachother.
18.) You know where the nearest Tim Hortons is.
21.) You remember when Toledo didn't HAVE any Wal-Marts.
22.) "Everybody's Zooing It" means something to you, and you can sing the song, weird accent and all.
24.) Seeing a giant, neon-colored, plastic frog sitting on the sidewalk is nothing unusual.
26.) You're so used to driving in construction that you feel odd driving where you can't see orange barrels.
27.) You know where the origional tony pacos is at and you know what type of food famous people sign on the walls.


A quick Holiday update!

The Christmas break has been a little crazy!!

Here is a rundown of what our break has involved. (I am tired after typing all of this in.)
  1. We left for Toledo on Saturday evening.
  2. Arrived in Toledo around 1:30 am (i think) Sunday.
  3. Went to Emmanuel Sunday. It was great to visit with friends and family. (We took a Regneir guided tour of the new remodeled high school Sunday night. It is very nice)
  4. Christmas day with Krista's family. I left for Pittsburgh at 7:30 that night. Krista and the boys stayed with her family in Toledo.
  5. I arrived in Pittsburgh around 11:00 pm Monday.
  6. On Tuesday, I went to breakfast with my mom and get to spend a little bit of time with my sister.
  7. I then drove to Clarks Summit. I got in at 1:30 pm and went to work at Borders at 3:30 pm.
  8. Worked at Borders this week. And Saturday night after work (11:00 pm) I will begin driving to my mom's house where Krista, Joel and Josiah will be. Krista's dad is going to took her to Cleveland to meet my sister there.
  9. We will spend Sunday at my mom's house.
  10. Monday morning we will leave early for Clark Summit. I am scheduled to work at 3:30 pm on Monday.