Grammy's house!!!! and another praise

Tonight we arrived at Grammy's house in Pittsburgh. The boys are going to be here at Grammy's for the week. Krista has leadership training with the RAs and dorm officers and I am finishing up a summer module.

Another praise is that I now have all my support for my Jamaica trip. Praise the Lord.


Pilgrim's Progress

In the midst of all my required reading, I have been trying to read some "non-assigned" books.
Right now I am reading Pilgrim's Progress by John Bunyan. I read it several years ago but decided to go through it again. A very challenging.

One conversation in the book is about how does the saving grace of God show itself when it is in the heart of a man.
Two answers are given:
1. Abhoring sin not just crying out against it. Hating sin. Wanting nothing to do with it. Not just talking about how bad it is.

2. Knowledge that is accompanied with grace of faith and love not knowledgge that rests in the speculation of things.

In thinking about these things it is my prayer that I would demonstrate these things for the glory of God.

Quick update: My first two days of my module class have been good.