Done and empty

Seminary Finals are done.
The dorm is now empty.

Summer is here. Oh wait, I start a two week summer class on May 14th.
Oh well. I got my Greek exam score and semester scores back. I am glad I did o.k. with both scores.

Krista also made it through her first school year as a dorm mom. I think she did a great job this year. There definitely were ups and downs but I know she built some great relationships with many of the girls and she learned a lot about women's ministry.

We are so thankful for the ways God has provided for us during this past year. Spiritually, emotionally, financially and on so many other levels. He has provided us with difficulties and challenges to help us grow in our dependence upon Him. He has provided us with blessing and good times to help us reflect upon His amazing provisions. God is an amazing God.

Below are some family pictures we took this past week.


Finals week

Finals week is over and done with for me. I am not sure how I did on my two finals or two projects yet but I am sure they are done. Now I get to enjoy this week off before I start a two week summer class on May 14th.
My first year of seminary is completed.

The college is still in session until Friday's graduation ceremony. So, Krista still has four days until she finishes her first year as an RD.

Thinking about this year and the many different challenges it has been great to know there have been people praying for us. Thanks.