God has been good the last two weeks

, throughout my life and all the time.

But tonight I was sitting down to do some school work and I thought I would just reflect back on God's goodness over the last two weeks. I have recently been letting people know about prayer requests but have not been very good about sharing how God has seen us through things.

Two weeks ago today (05.05) I had my doctrinal (not doctoral) oral exam here on campus. Two hours of questions on doctrine and ministry issues. It was intense, stressful but also a very good learning experience. I am very thankful for the professors who were involved in graded and correcting my doctrinal paper and giving the exam.

The next day our baby girl, Jadyn Leah (see pictures in previous post was born). Everything went very well with the delivery and the time in the hospital. Krista did an amazing job and was a great testimony of God's provision and ability to answer prayer.

Friday (05.07) was graduation and moving day for the college students. Krista was able to enjoy a restful time in the hospital. Things seem to go well in Vibbard. The resident assistants did a great job from what I hear.

Krista and Jadyn came home on Saturday.

I started an intense two week Hebrew course, that is two days from completion. It has been very challenging time-wise balancing class work and family. At the same time the class has been very informative and helpful. One more day of class and then Friday is the exam.

Finally one of the biggest ways God has provided for us over the last two and a half weeks is through our parents.
My mom was able to be here from 05.01 through 05.09.
Krista's parents were here from 05.09 through 05.15.
They were very helpful in watching Joel and Josiah, preparing meals and helping with Jadyn.

Another blessing has been the members of our adult bible fellowship @ Heritage. They have not only been praying for us but they also have been helping us with preparing meals and watching the boys while I am taking this class.

We are very blessed and very thankful.