Be sure to check out the pictures in the three previous posts.

My first Greek test 91.8. Not bad. Most of the students did very well on the test and most of my mistakes were stupid little ones like accent marks or a missing letter or word. It is definitely getting more and more challenging.
Others classes are going well also. I am definitely learning a lot and reading a lot. At this point I have already read 6.5 books along with many articles. Add 95 Greek vocab words to that.
Please continue that in the midst of all the studying I would grow in my love for the Lord.

My last post talked about my job offer at BestBuy. Well, much has changed since that post. Monday I am beginning my job at Borders Bookstore. It is a two week job that will probably turn into more. After prayerful consideration, the Borders opportunity just seemed like a better fit. Please be praying for this position and how it will fit together with my school schedule.

We are still adjusting to life in the dorm. It is busy but good. Krista is definitely being stretched in different ways but she has been doing great. She has been getting to know many of the girls. She has had 2 trips to the emergency room with different girls and lots of conversations.
Joel loves having all these "big sistas" (as he says). As I mentioned in a previous post he is quite the little showboat.
Josiah is also making his presence known in the dorm. He does this by looking extremely cute or crying extremely loud.

Thank you for your prayers.

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God bless!!!

Trains, Trains and More Trains!!

We were able to see lots of old steam engines with grampa and gramma this week.

There is a steam engine museum near our house. It was a lot of fun. There is so much stuff to see and do there.
Here are some pictures from our visit.

Joel the Blackhawk helicopter pilot.

On September 21, the field behind our dorm became the landing pad for a Blackhawk helicopter. It was quite a site.

The reason the helicopter was here at BBC&S was because September 21 and 22 were chaplaincy emphasis days. Chaplains from different branches of the military were here to share about their ministry in the military and to see if there were any students interested in the chaplaincy program.
BBS has a site explaining the chaplaincy program. The site also has links to chaplaincy sites for different branches of the military and different chaplaincy organizations.