Job Update

Thank you so much for your prayers.

I was great to get together with Pastor Tom last week. It was good to talk with him about what God is doing at Emmanuel and to tell him about what God has been doing here.

I do have a permanent part time job at Borders. I have been working there third shift for the last week and a half (as a matter of fact I need to leave in a couple of minutes). The temporary third shift job was an opportunity to get a foot in the door for regular shift times.

They have been very flexible with my seminary schedule.
A couple of specific prayer requests:
1. Pray I would get enough hours to meet the needs of our family.
2. Pray I would not get too many hours so that my studies would slide.
3. Pray I would be able to balance the husband/father/student/employee life.
4. Pray I would be honor God with my actions and attitudes at work.
5. Pray I would be a testimony of God's grace to my co-workers.

Many other things to post about but I have to get to work!
God bless!