Summer "Break"

It has been a while since the last Rodgers' Family Update.

Here is what has been going on.

Josiah is...
-Cuter than ever.
-He will be 2 years old on June 8th.

Joel is...
-Loving t-ball (and playing in the dirt and with caterpillars at t-ball)
-Smiling real big now that he has lost his front tooth (we will be posting pictures soon)

Krista is...
-Working on a grad school class to keep her teaching certification current.
-Getting a lot of things done that she was not able to get done during the school year.

David is...
-In the middle of a two week summer class at the seminary. It has been a great class.
-Getting ready to start his now job at the Scranton Rescue Mission (www.scrantonrescuemission.com). It is a part time position. I have had two recent opportunities to preach there. It is an excited ministry and we are looking forward to ministering there. Please be praying for us and the mission. Specific prayer requests and information coming later.

This weekend we ahve a couple of visitors.
Grandma, Grandpa and Abby are coming to visit.

We are getting ready for our visitors.
We are planning to be @ Emmanuel June 15th and 22nd.
We are going to be stopping in Pittsburgh for a quick visit the 13th and 14th.
Krista and the boys are going to stay in Toledo from the 15th to the 22nd.
I am planning to be @ a Church Planting Seminar in Medina, OH from the 16th to the 19th.

By the way, our bbc.edu emails will be closed out the end of this May 31st.
Our daveandkrista@hotmail.com is what we will be using.