Book Review: Sex in a Broken World

After reading Sex in a Broken World, I was reminded that most of Paul Tripp’s books repeat the same basic idea.  “The desire for even a good thing becomes a bad thing when that desire becomes a ruling thing.”  Tripp develops a God-focused, big-picture view of sex and helps us see the problem is a heart/worship problem. I need to be reminded of this idea over and over again because I continue to have worship problems. 

God has blessed me with opportunities to minister in many different locations (the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) and in several different settings (Bible college, Christian high school, rescue mission, and churches).  In each of these situations, it is amazing and saddening to see how true Tripp’s statements and observations about our broken world are.  In helping others and myself, I have needed to remind others and myself that the biggest problem I have is my heart and desires.  What I appreciate about this and many other Tripp books is the Biblical focus and repetitiveness, both of which drive the main points into my mind and heart.
One of the strengths of Sex in a Broken World is that while it addresses a specific issue, it does not address a specific problem.  This book can be used to help with general discipleship or a variety of different sin issues.

Chapter six, “Sex: The Big Picture,” was especially helpful.  The case studies were realistic and honest.  The little picture sex vs. big picture sex contrast helped put things in a proper perspective.  Sex needs to be thought about, talked about and practiced in a way that is Biblical and God-glorifying.  I need to think through how to disciple my church, my children and myself in a way that helps develop a proper view of sex in this confusing, broken world.

Sex in a Broken World has reminded me that sex is not something that needs to be discussed in shameful, hushed tones.  It needs to be proclaimed in a clear, respectful, God-glorifying way.

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As I was writing The Lord Reigns post today, I was thinking about how I have been so blessed with so many different from so many different places.  So I decided to do a post today about my #davesmorethanselfies pictures.

What started as an attempt to take a group picture of Krista's family on vacation has become something I have grown to love.  Here is why.

At the top of this blog is the following statement:
Throughout our lives we have been so blessed with friendships and ministry opportunities
These #davesmorethanselfies pictures are more attempts to capture these God-given friendships.

This collection is only a few of the pictures I have over these last nine months.
And the people in these pictures are only a very small number of the people God has used in our lives through good times and difficult times. 

I do need to make sure I get one of the Rodgers/Ramsey family the next time we are together.

Connected through Camp Patmos

Connected through the Dominican Republic and
Emmanuel Baptist Church

Connected through the Dominican Republic
Connected through Together for the Gospel

Connected through Emmanuel Baptist Church 
Connected through working at Emmanuel Baptist Church

Connected through the Ryan family : )

Connected through Monaca High School

Connected through West Cannon Baptist Church and
at the time of the picture, it was only a couple of weeks.

Connected through working at West Cannon Baptist Church

Connected through the Dominican Republic, Baptist Bible College and Seminary
and Emmanuel Baptist Church
The Millers have been a great friend for many years.

The LORD reigns

The Fighter Verses have been great reminders of who God is and how I am supposed to live in response to who God is.  

This week's Fighter Verses, Psalm 96:9 - 10, contain a statement that was very challenging to me.
"Say among the nations 'The LORD reigns...'"
As a worshipper of God, a child of God because of Jesus Christ I need to say to the world "The LORD reign."
I need to proclaim that with my words, actions and attitudes.

It is my prayer that in the midst of the circumstances of life, I would remember that the LORD reigns and I would remind others that the LORD reigns.