"Happy Day" and "My Lighthouse" at Camp Patmos!!

These videos are from the combined chapel of Camp Patmos (www.camppatmos.com) Week #8!
The Pathfinders (middle school) and Juniors loved these songs!

To seek pictures from the whole week click HERE

This World Does Not Revolve Around You!!

Below the video are the character qualities Pastor Dave discussed with the Junior campers and a link to the powerpoints.

Humility:  I don’t know it all and can’t do it all!!
Faithfulness:  God does know it all and is all powerful.  I need to trust Him.
Selflessness:  This world does not revolve around me!
Self-control:  My life is not my own.
Here is the dropbox link for more on each of the lessons:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/uso4xjsepciasmp/AAB_qm78TihxsTz5CK4elt-xa?dl=0