Keys to Spiritual Growth

Grace to You’s Back to Basics:  The ABC’s of Christian Living lists some misconceptions of spiritual growth that we must remember.  These are taken directly from this resource.
  1. Spiritual growth has nothing to with our position in Christian.
    A person does not grow into becoming a Christian; conversion is an instantaneous miracle.
  2. Spiritual growth is not a matter of God’s Love.  According to Romans 5:1-11, God loved us when we were sinners. We were His enemies, alienated from Him before we ever came to Christ. When you became a believer, God continued to love you.
  3. Spiritual growth is not about time.  There are many people who have been saved for a long period but have grown very little. There are many people who have been saved for a brief period and have grown very much. Certainly time is a factor in spiritual growth in some cases (those who continue to grow over a long period of time will be more mature than one who has grown over a shorter period). But the amount of time isn’t what is important; it is a commitment to the principles of growth that makes the difference. We don’t measure spiritual maturity by the calendar
  4. Spiritual growth is not about accumulated knowledge.  Sometimes we equate spiritual maturity with what we know, but that isn’t the key. Knowledge alone is not the issue; the issue is what you do with what you know.
  5. Spiritual growth is not about activity.  Some people think that if they have been active in the church (e.g., they served on a committee or sung in the choir), then they have grown spiritually. In other words, if you’re busy enough, you must be spiritual.  This is not always the case.
  6. Spiritual growth is not about prosperity.  Don’t equate positive circumstances with God’s approval of your spiritual maturity.
Spiritual growth is about matching my practice with my position.