A heavy flurry of activities along with...

a light flurry of snow last night describe what we have been going through the last week and a half.

Last Tuesday I took a Greek test in the morning.
Krista's family arrived that same day and we had a good visit with them. Actually I was very busy with work and classes but it was a good time.
Joel and Josiah especially loved playing with their cousins.

Seth and Josiah at Chuck E. Cheese

Picture of Josiah, Seth, Ben, Joel and grampa.

I am also coming quickly to the end of my second semester which means lots of projects, readings and exams.
Also pray for my job at Borders, I was able to have a couple of conversations with coworkers about Easter.
Krista also has a lot going on with end of the year things at the college. Next week our dorm is sponsoring an appreciation tea for the women on staff and the wives of the men on staff at the college. Pray for all the details with that.