Greek test and Global Ministry Forum

Greek test this morning...
Not sure how I did. I struggled with several parts of it but I will know how I did in a couple of days.

Globabl Ministry Forum...
Last night's dinner and presentation was very good.
The sessions today were also very challenging.

We will write more later.


Greek Test

My Greek test, that was cancelled because of snow, has been moved to tomorrow (Tuesday).

Here is a local news article about Heritage:


Heritage's collapsed roof.

Here are two pictures of Heritage Baptist Church's Family room roof that collapsed Friday night/Saturday morning. If you look at the pictures and see the second window on the brick wall that is Josiah's nursery room. Some information is included after the pictures.

1. That this didn't happen Sunday morning when the early service is held in this room.
2. That Pastor Rob came in when he did and smelled the gas that was coming from the pipes that were broken.
3. That it appears insurance will cover most of the damage. The church took their fall offering and part of it was going to go towards some improvements needed in this wing of the church. That money will be able to be used somewhere else.
4. MOST IMPORTANTLY, that the church has been able to use this as an opportunity to be a witness to God's goodness. The local NBC affilate was at the entire service this morning taping segments of the service and interview people afterwards. Pray for opporutinities that will result from all of this.