What's Been Going on & What's Next!!

This week has been CRAZY and it is only Thursday morning.  
On Monday we received word that West Cannon Baptist Church voted to call me as pastor of adult ministries.
We are very excited about this new ministry opportunity.
While it is difficult to leave long time friends at Emmanuel Baptist Church and in Toledo, we know that God is sovereign and that we will be visiting Toledo.  

In preparing for this new ministry, Tuesday and Wednesday, Shane, Casey and I attended 9Marks - First Five Years conference in Columbus, OH.  They will have edited portions of the conference soon but right now you can watch replays of the live stream at  9marks.link/live
The BIG take away for me from this conference as I begin this new ministry is
Remember, Faithful, Biblical, Gospel preaching/teaching/planning grows healthy churches.

Here are some specific prayer requests for us.

As we leave Toledo, OH
  • Pray for our closing.  We are planning for this to happen next week.  We are signing the papers tomorrow (Friday) before heading on vacation.  The buyers are scheduled to sign their papers the beginning of next week.
  • Pray for our neighbors.  We have made some good friends and connections over the last 5 years.  Pray that we would use the remaining opportunities we have here to show others what an amazing God and Savior we have.  
  • Pray for the pastors at Emmanuel Baptist Church during this transition time.  Each of them has new responsibilities.  Pray for wisdom.
As we head to Grand Rapids, MI
  • Pray that we would find a home in the Grand Rapids area.  I know this may sound strange to some but I would like to share some specific things we are looking for in a house
    • 4 bedrooms - not only so each child could have their own room but even more so, we would love to have space to house family and guests when they are in town.
    • 2 full baths - also to help in housing guests.
    • Space to host small groups with children.  Our house in Toledo has been great for this with the rooms upstairs and the play area in the basement.
  • Pray that we would be able to find permanent or temporary housing sooner than later.  We would really like to get "settled in" before the school year starts. 
  • Pray for wisdom as we consider schooling options for the kids.
  • Pray that we would have wisdom regarding a 2nd car.  For the last 7 years, we have had only one car because we have lived walking distance from the church.  That is not the case now.  So pray we would know what to do about this.  
  • Pray that I would be able to apply the truths I heard at the First Five Years conference to my ministry there.  Pray that I and the members of WCBC would be about the work of making disciples who make disciples.
  • You can listen to my morning message, which begins at the 37 minutes mark, and the evening question/answer at www.westcannon.org/live-stream
  • HERE is the link to the Sunday sermon resources
  • HERE is the link to the Saturday afternoon ministry leaders notes and resources.
  • HERE is the link to the Saturday morning men's breakfast resources
Some other prayer requests
  • Pray for a refreshing time while on vacation with Krista's family.  It is always a blessing and an encouragement but with so many things going on right after we get back, I don't want to be distracted.
  • Pray for doctor and dentist appoint we have before the end of this month.


The Work of Discipleship

The video and application points from Sunday's message

HERE is the link to the notes for sermon:
Below are the action steps I challenged the church with...

We need to be PRAYING.

I need to

Share with someone else your favorite passage of Scripture and tell them why it is your favorite passage of scripture.
Social media DOES count!
Click HERE to go to a website that has great Bible verse graphics.

Pray for a brother or sister in Christ.

Pray for boldness to share the life transforming truth of the Gospel.

Share your testimony with someone else.  
Remember to focus on what God has done and not what you have done.

HERE is the link to the Saturday afternoon ministry leaders notes and resources.
HERE is the link to the Saturday morning men's breakfast resources
HERE is the link to the Sunday message "The Work of Discipleship"