We've got electricity back

Yesterday evening our electricity came back on.


Black Sunday, December 16

Today no electricity on campus.
Tomorrow the beginning of Finals week.
Last year it was the water problem. This year it is electricity.
I cannot believe how much Clark Summit is like the Dominican Republic.

I am typing this update from Donut Connection. It is one of the only restaraunts in the Clark Summit that has electricity.

The snow, ice and rain knocked out some power lines.

And finals week begin tomorrow.
Some schedule things to be aware of for us this week:
Monday - I have no finals. It is going to be a big school work day for me.
Tuesday - Foundations of the Christian Faith class
Final Exam
Term paper on the Gnostic Gospels due - 15 page double spaced
Doctrinal paper due - 5 page single spaced
Wednesday - Final Exam
Finish colateral reading. I need a minimum of 75 pages more.
**Wednesday is also the last day of classes for the college. Tuesday and Wednesday will be busy days for Krista with girls checking out of their rooms for the break.
Thursday - No finals. Prepare for tomorrow's final
Friday - Old Testament
Final Exam