Doctor appointments

I had a doctor's appointment this week.
However this photo is not from that appointment.

The pins are out of my toes. However there is still a lot of swelling in my toes and ankles. The doctor, not Josiah, said there is nothing to be concerned about now.
With the diabetes, he was a little nervous about infection but it has not been a problem.
Krista's pregnancy is going well. She is experiencing tiredness which is probably from the pregnancy and dorm life.
Joel finished soccer season. He improved so much during the season. We think taking part in Big Blue soccer camp here @ BBC helped with that. He is also doing great in first grade. One of his school friends has started coming to AWANA at Heritage.
Josiah is enjoying Cubbies and once a week preschool @ BBC.
He loves washing dishes, singing and "teaching" the baby how to do things.