11 More Books

I shared in September that one of the benefits of my warehouse job is the opportunity to listen to podcasts, sermons, music and books.
As 2019 comes to an end I realized I listened to/read over 50 books.
The first 42 were shared on this post.
Here are 11 more books.
  1. The Accidental Creative by Henry
  2. Crime and Punishment by Dostoevsky
  3. Do More Better by Challies
  4. Expositonal Preaching by Helm
  5. Evangelism and the Sovereignty of God by Packer
  6. The Gospel and Racial Reconciliation by Moore
  7. Growing Up by Gallaty 
  8. Knowing God by Packer
  9. Life In The Presence of God by Boa
  10. Praying with Paul by Carson
  11. The Unsaved Christian by Inserra

As I share these books I am reminded of the following J.C. Ryle quote.


2019 End of the Year

At the beginning of 2019, we posted about Psalm 115:1 being our theme verse for this year.
"Not to us, O Lord, not to us, but to your name give glory, for the sake of your steadfast love and your faithfulness!"
Even with many challenges, we have definitely seen God working in 2019 through the provision of
  • Jesus Christ:
    • Through Bible passages, sermons, podcasts, books, and so many other resources, we have been reminded to make Jesus our treasure and time in His word our first priority.  
  • our church family:
    • God has blessed us with a great church family at Trinity Baptist Church.  The pastors have been an amazing encouragement.  Our small group has been such a blessing to our whole family.  Trinity has provided us with opportunities to serve God and His church.
  • work:
    • While David is still prayerfully searching for a ministry position, God has provided work that is helping pay the bills and provide insurance.  Recently, he also acquired his Michigan math teacher certificate.
    • Krista continues to work as a paraprofessional at Northpointe Christian School, where the kids go to school.  We are extremely grateful for how God continues to provide for them to be there.
  • housing:
    • Because of some financial help, we were extremely blessed with a great apartment close to school and church from October 2018 through October 2019.  At the end of October, we moved into a rental house one mile from our apartment.
As we enter 2020, we would appreciate your prayers for the following
  • housing:
    • In moving to the neighborhood, we are praying for opportunities to build relationships with our new neighbors.  Pray we would make the most of the opportunities God gives us.
  • work:
    • David is continuing to send out resumes for church ministry positions and as well as looking into teaching opportunities.
  • our church family:
    • It is our prayer that we can be a blessing to our church family.  David will be teaching and adult Bible class for the winter quarter.  Pray for other opportunities we have.
  • our family:
    • Please continue to pray for growing trust in the Lord as we live life together and seek the Lord in whatever circumstance he has us in.
We are so thankful for your prayers and encouragement!

For God’s Glory,
The Rodgers family