I cannot believe it is almost the end of...

I cannot believe it is almost the end of September.
So much has happened to during the last couple of weeks.
First of all, this....

Joel lost his first tooth.
Joel also started Cubbies at Heritage Baptist Church. (for those of you from Toledo Adam B. is one of the Cubbies helpers. He is not in Joel's group but they are together during the big activity times)
Josiah is a mad man now that he is walking. He just moves so fast with a big smile on his face.
Classes and work have really been keeping me busy.
I have been helping out with teaching in our Sunday class.
I, along with the other team members, are preparing to go to Jamaica in less than one month.
Krista is getting to know the new girls in the dorm.
They had a dorm officers retreat this past Friday and Saturday. It went well.

Life has been busy. But it is amazing how God has allowed us to make time for family. Joel is becoming quite a catchphrase player, when mommy or daddy read him the words. Another game he likes to play is Rush Hour (not based on the movies). It is a puzzle type game that was my dad's. I love watching Joel try to figure them out.

God has proven himself faithful over and over again.

On the much lighter side of life...
I am very much enjoying the start of the Steelers football season.