Last night at Borders

O.K. last night at work was MADNESS. CRAZINESS.

Let me begin with a "humorous" story. At 11:00 pm we began moving all of the customers out the front door so we could bring all of the books out. One of the managers sent me out to help "guide" the customers out the door. When I walked out the front I realized I need to guide 2000+ people to back up and move to open areas.

After a couple of minutes of asking individuals to please move backwards, I realized it was very difficult for people to get out the front door because of the crowd. So I reverted back to my SCS/EBCS days and yelled, in the most polite way possible, that EVERYONE needed to move back or the store wasn't going to clear out which meant they were not going to get their books. For a split second it was quiet and the people moved back. The crowd actually listened to me. I would love to say that from that point on every listened and cleared areas for people and just helped everyone out the rest of the evening. That would be a lie.

One thing I was reminded of last night was how rude and mean spirited people can be. At one point I had to help a woman with a baby and a stroller out the door. (This was before the midnight craziness) No one would move for her. It appeared that more people were worried about losing a place in line for a bracelet than helping this person out.

Some people in the store would naturally talk louder as we, the workers, would walk by. They would make comments about how they had been here since 6:00 and they were not moving for anyone.

This section was written later in the day (8:50 pm)....
Just got back from my 12 to 8 shift at Borders. The madness continued on today. I just don't get it. What makes people go crazy for these books?

Well, I need to rest.


Update on Joel and Josiah

Josiah is walking and it is much more than those little stutter things. He is walking across our living room. He is also using "sign language." The only problem is none of us understand what his signs are.

Joel is finishing up his two week of swim lessons tomorrow. He has really enjoyed going to swimming pool every weekday.

Harry Potter 7 SPOILER!!!!

My shift tomorrow at Borders is 6:00 pm to 2:00 am.

Yes, it is the day before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows comes out and I am going to give you the heads up on how the book ends before it hits the streets. You may have heard about some other websites that have speculated about the ending. This is the REAL ENDING!!!!


At the end of the Deathly Hallows....

  • something is going to happen that will not really mean a lot to me because I haven't read any of the books.
  • someone is going to die but keep this in perspective people it is only a book.