What are End Things?

Eschatology - What are the end things?

Pastor Brett's sermons on this topic:

Short Statement  (TBC doctrinal statement): 

We believe that the day is imminent when the Lord Jesus Christ will descend from heaven and we who are in Christ, weather living or dead, will be caught up (“raptured”) to meet Him in the air to be with Him forever; that at His second coming He will put all of His enemies under His feet and consummate His kingdom reign on the earth for all eternity.  We believe in the bodily resurrection of the just and the unjust, the everlasting blessedness of the saved, and the everlasting conscious punishment of the lost.

Key Thoughts

  • Return of Christ is Imminent
  • Judgement is real and every knee will bow.
  • Heaven is real – New Heaven and New Earth
  • Hell is real

Why is it Vital to our Daily Lives:

  • Life is more than the here and now but what we choose here and now determines where we spend eternity.
Here are some specific thoughts from Sunday's class time.  HERE is a link to the PowerPoint
  • In the Christian life we have a PRESENT PEACE and a FUTURE HOPE.
  • Why study eschatology (end things)
    1. It is a key element of our story as Christians.
    2. Prophecy is an important part of the Bible
    3. Christians are interested in a look at future events.
    4. Christians can be motivated to godly living through eschatology.
    5. It gives us perspective in a troubled world.
    6. It's a warning to the unbeliever.
  • The word "dispensation" refers to an interpretation of Scripture that places the events of Scripture into seven dispensations, or time periods, in biblical history.
    1. innocence (Adam and Eve)
    2. conscience (Adam to flood)
    3. human government (Noah to Babel)
    4. promise (beginning with Abraham)
    5. law (Exodus through Christ's death)
    6. grace (current age of grace)
    7. kingdom (Millennial kingdom)
Chapters of Urban Legends of Theology by Michael Wittmer connected to this doctrine:  
We Will Live Forever in Heaven (Ch. 40)