Life is Hard AND God is Good

It was, and is, my prayer that the message - Life is Hard AND God is Good -  would remind followers of Jesus Christ of the hope we have in Him.  HERE are the sermon notes. 

As I was preparing for this message I read the following statement by James Montgomery Boice as he was preparing for a series on the Psalm.  
"I decided to make a point every day of acknowledging God’s goodness in some area to some person.”
Boice “realized how much time frequently went by without having praised God for anything.”

In studying Psalm 9, especially verses 9 and 10, I wanted to remind those listening of three things.
We need to run to God in times of trouble (v. 9).
We need to walk with God daily (v. 10a).
We need to remember that God will not abandon his children (v. 10b).
In Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy, Mark Vroegop writes “Lament is how you live between the poles of a hard life and trusting in God’s sovereignty.” 

This sermon was so much more than just information that I researched.
This sermon has been a truth that I have had to process and am continuing to learn how to apply to my life.

At the end of the message, I wanted to share some practical things people could do to help them remember Life is Hard AND God is Good.

Run to God in times of trouble.  This is a model of lament prayer from Dark Clouds, Deep Mercy.
  • Cry out to him. 
  • Complain to him. 
  • Pray bold prayers. 
  • Trust in Him.

Walk with God daily.
  • Read your Bible. 
  • Meditate on specific passages of scripture for longer periods of time – http://www.fighterverses.com
  • Pray every day. 
  • Make connecting with your church family a priority.
  • Read articles and books that remind us of spiritual truths.

Remember God will not abandon His children.
  • Rehearse Biblical truth like those found in Romans 8.
  • Read Christian biographies.  Listen to Christian biographies.


Psalm 9

This Sunday, September 1st, I have the privilege and responsibility of preaching God's Word at Montrose Baptist Church.  I am preaching on Psalm 9.  The title of the sermon is "Life is Hard AND God is Good!"   Originally, I thought about preaching only Psalm 9:9 - 10.  These were the Fighter Verses for the week in which Shane asked me to preach.  In preparing, I realized it was essential to put these great truths in the context of the whole Psalm.  
It is my prayer that God would use this sermon to share about the hope we can know no matter what our circumstances are. 
I will be posting more from Psalm 9 this week.

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