The Day after Yesterday

Krista is getting better. Continue to pray for her.

It is Wednesday and I made it through all of my tests, my sermon and other things.

All of my projects were completed on time (I think)
I did well on my Greek test

I am not sure how I did on my Principles of Church growth test.
The sermon I preached on James 2:14-19 went o.k. It was weird to preach to 6 guys who were writing notes down during most of the sermon and knowing the notes were about my preaching style.

Thank you for your prayers.


PROSKUNEO worship concert!

We had a great time of fellowship and worship with some friends from the Dominican Republic on Friday night.

Josh Davis is a friend of our who taught with us in the D.R. was here in the area (well actually it was 2 hours away but well worth the drive) for a concert at the Calvary Bible Church, which is pastored by the father of Sharla, another friend who taught with us in the D.R.

We along with some other friends had the great opportunity to fellowship before the concert over dinner.

Then we went to the church for the concert and some other coworkers from the DR showed up at the concert. What a blessing.

Beyond all of the fun getting together with old friends was the worship time.

Friday was a difficult time because of it being the anniversary of my dad's passing away but I could not think of a better way to spend the time than worshipping my Lord and Savior.

I would love to say that the whole night was an amazing blessing but I must confess there were times driving home when I was struggling emotionally. Because of a faithful God and my dad's faith, I am confident of where he is today but still two years later there are questions I would like to have answered and conversation to have. I know these will not happen this side of glory and I know I need to continue to learn how to submit these things to the Lord.

Below is a picture of the group from the concert.

(my blogspot is having some issues with pictures)

Monday is done!!

A very busy week and lots of prayer needs and praises.

Krista is not feeling well. She has a bad sore throat and just picked up a prescription that will hopefully help her get better. Pray she would feel better quickly.

I have a five day work week this week. Please be praying that I would be able to be a godly testimony to my co-workers.

First week back to classes after four weeks of interim.

Monday classes are done.
Handed in my projects and took my test. Not sure how I did. Some of it seemed really easy and other parts a little more challenging.

I am going to begin my final preparations for tomorrow.
Greek Test
Preach a sermon on James 2:14-19
One of the quotes I am using in my message is a Jim Elliott quote:
"To believe is to act as though a thing were so. Merely saying a thing is so is no proof of my believing it."

We had a great time with the Jacobs last week.

And an amazing time worshipping with friends from the Dominican Friday night (read the Proskuneo post)