2023 Spring Classes

This page was updated on 2/22/2023

As February comes to an end we are looking forward to the Spring quarter classes starting up in March.

Before the class descriptions, which appear at the end of this, here are a couple of statements about why we do classes the way we do at Trinity Baptist Church.  These details help show the connections between discipleship and our classes.

The Adult Christian Education classes are designed for Biblical Discipleship.  Part of this discipleship happens through intentional teaching and meaningful membership - "the commitment Christians make to keep one another accountable for regularly gathering and centering their lives together on the Gospel." (Alex Duke, Crossway Link)

An illustration used to show what active membership/Biblical discipleship involves is the four-chair model.

In this model, the chairs do not represent places of rest and inactivity.  Each chair represents a stage in the growth process.  There is a movement to the right. 
Members of Trinity need to be evangelizing, sharing the Gospel, at their places of work, at their schools, with their neighbors, and in their families.  The message of the Gospel will be preached at church services and it can be shared in so many different places.

The goal of ACE is to provide the education and training needed to establish, edify, and equip believers, never becoming too comfortable with where we are in now.  

Our Sunday morning classes help Christ-followers move along the Establish - Edify - Equip process.  We know that throughout our lives we need to be continually established, edified, and equipped.  

  • Classes that ENGAGE God’s FOUNDATION are designed to establish believers in the basics of the Christian faith and Trinity life.
  • Classes that ENGAGE God's WORD are designed to edify believers who desire to know the Bible better.
  • Classes that ENGAGE God's WORLD are designed to edify believers who desire to know how God's Word connects to our lives and the world at large.
  • Classes that ENGAGE God's WORK are designed to equip believers who are ready to invest and help others grow spiritually.
The classes offered each quarter are intentionally meant to disciples grow and make more disciples. With this intentionality in mind, some classes are REPEATED more often.  This quarter's Prayer class was offered not so long ago but it, along with others like Intro to Theology or Missions/Evangelism, is repeated because the topic is part of Trinity's heartbeat and we want each of us to grow in these areas.

In joining a class you are taking a step to grow spiritually and connect with other believers.  

With that general description of the ACE classes, here are the four classes being offered this spring.

Judges will be taught by Pastor Jason and Tom Hill in the Chapel

The tragic, dark, cyclical nature of Judges reveals much about Israel specifically and people in general. The continual rescues reveal much about God and His faithfulness. This class will look at sin, sovereignty, and salvation as the many OT judges are studied.
Engaging God’s WORD

Prayer will be taught by Don Vogel in Room #2.  Pastor Dave will be teaching for the first two weeks (3/5 and 3/12).

 Prayer in the OT. Prayer in the NT. How do they compare? What differences do we see?
God’s plan, and purpose. Our plans and goals. How does prayer get these into alignment?
Answers to prayer. What are our expectations? Does God always answer?  
Does prayer really matter?  How should we pray?
Engaging God’s FOUNDATION

Church History will be Steve De Man in Room #3

We will study the history of the church from AD 70 to the present day.  We will see how God’s hand of providence has moved throughout history to preserve and spread the message of his gospel around the world.  This class will be the same as last year’s for March and April, in the month of May we will cover from the 1600s forward.
Engaging God’s WORLD 

Contentment will be taught by Paul Vander Mey in the Fireplace Room

Biblical contentment. What is it? How can I get it? How does it affect my personal life and my service to others for the Lord?"
Engaging God’s WORK