Good day despite not feeling so good

Thank you everyone for your ongoing prayers. 

Yesterday was a rough day health.  I was not feeling well the whole day.  
I am feeling much better this morning.  I would very much appreciate your prayers for strength to get through the day.

Also, pray for the students, pastors and churches in Jamaica.  In some conversations with the students and one pastor who has been sitting in the class, they have stated that the things we have been talking in class have been challenging and need to be fleshed out in the churches of Jamaica but it is a challenge to get people to be more involved in one another's lives - beyond surface level friendliness.  Pastor Black, the president of FBBC, has a real  passion for Biblical Counseling training.  He has been to Faith in Lafayette for several tracks.
It is exciting to think about disciple making going on around the world.  In Africa, as we heard about during our missions emphasis month.  In Jamaica, as I am experiencing these two weeks at FBBC.  In Toledo, as we continue Biblical counseling training and other discipleship training at EBC.

Here is some class info from yesterday and today.

Yesterday we talked about depression and sharing THE HOPE OF CHRIST with others.

This is a quote I shared with the students...
The God of all comfort, comforts you in your specific trouble so that you can comfort those in any trouble with the infinite comfort you receive from the God of all comfort.”   Bob Kelleman

Today we are going to be talking about idols and addictions.  
For those of you who have been through Track 1 in the Biblical Counseling you are familiar with this Y-chart.  
For those you who have not been through Track 1, first I want to encourage you to take Track 1 next year and second this video refers to a counseling diagram that is used in Biblical counseling.  
For everyone, I want to encourage you to watch this video.  Not merely for the sake of review or first time information but more so for self-examination.


Sunday at Dalistron

I posted this video from Dalistron Baptist Church in Jamaica on facebook.
But I realized not everyone has or checks facebook regularly.

I had the privilege to preach there this past Sunday and
then had dinner with Pastor Thompson and his wonderful family!


Monday afternoon tradition & Overcoming Despair with Hope

Here is what has become a Monday tradition these two weeks
at Fairview Baptist Bible College!!

No it is not having class out on the basketball court!!

No electricity on Monday afternoons.
Last week it was during the whole 4 hours of class.
This week it was only during the last hour or so.
One of the students said I handled the no electricity very well.
I told the students their electricity is great compared to what the Dominican Republic's was when we were there.

No projector!  No fans!  No lights!  No fans!  
Did I mention NO FANS!
No breeze!
Now I know some of you right now would not understand this right now but it is hot here.

One of the Jamaican students suggested we move outside because the room was so hot!
It was a very good idea!

In the picture are 10 of the students.
The other one, Mark, is taking the pictures.  Thanks Mark!! 

Today we talked surrendering anger with humility.
A great start to the last week of classes.

While the time has been great here, it has had its challenges.
I would definitely appreciate your prayers as we continue with the class and speak on Romans 5 and the hope we have in Christ.

Here is an excerpt from Jerry Bridges' book The Gospel for Life that I am going to share with the students tomorrow.
One morning I was reflecting on my sin, which for some reason was particularly painful to me that day.  In my discouragement, I blurted out "God you would be perfectly just in sending me to hell."  Immediately, on the heels of those words came this thought "No you would not because Jesus satisfied your justice for me."
Tomorrow's theme for the afternoon is Overcoming Despair with Hope!