Looking back at my time in Jamaica

Here is most of the class with their Christ Centered Biblical Counseling books.  Click HERE for some reviews of this book.
Each of the students received a copy of this great Biblical counseling because of the generosity of Emmanuel Baptist Church's members.

Here is the campus!
The small white house in the middle of the hill is where I stayed.
The picture is taken from the classroom door.

Here is the last day of class!
David and the rest of the class gave me several gifts.

The two weeks of class were great!
I really enjoyed getting to know the students.


Preparing to land in Detroit, which is colder than Jamaica.

The pilot just informed us Detroit is warmer than it was earlier today and this week.  44 degrees.
Telling people coming from 80+ Jamaica it is a "warm" 44 degrees brings no comfort to my soon to be chilled body.  

It was a great two weeks. I missed my family during the time.  There were many challenges.  BUT God is good.  Actually God is awesome.  

After a 3.5 hour delay in Jamaica I am looking forward to seeing my family and worshipping with my church family tomorrow.  

Over this next week I am going to be posting some thoughts and reflections on my time in Jamaica.  This will include some pictures of my pets for the weeks (no I am not talking about students), ministry thoughts and prayer requests for me and for Fairview.

Thanks for your prayers!