Why Keep Politics Out of the Church?

These are notes taken during the 2nd session of Northridge Church’s Acts 16:5 conference.
The title of this session was “What makes the Bride ugly?”
The 4th belief that was shared was “We assume everyone agrees with our politics.”
The speaker gave 5 reasons to keep politics out of the church. while I don’t assume everyone will totally agree with every point of this post, please consider more than the specifics of each point. Italicized parts are my notes from the message.
1.  You can’t win your enemies to Christ.  You can only win your friends.
Christ means everything!  Politics means little!
2.  Too many Christians speak and act as if politics is the hope for our country.
There’s only so much politics can do.
3.  Politics make us forget that we are citizens of heaven.
Our hope is found in Christ, not in our political party returning to or maintaining power.
4.  The people you are trying to reach don’t share your political views.
What is most important to you?
seeing people  come to Christ.
seeing your political party maintain its power.
5.  Politics create barriers that Jesus came to break down.