Part of the roof on our church here in Clark Summit, Heritage Baptist Church, collapsed this morning (Saturday). The section is over the fellowship hall and kitchen.

When we saw it Krista said praise the Lord it didn't happen when there was something going on at the church.

Please be praying for the pastoral staff, deacons and others as they decide what to do.


My Greek Test

School is cancelled.
Test post-poned.

Valentine's Day Storm

Last night Borders closed an half and a half early because of the storm.
Baptist Bible College and Seminary cancelled classes because of the snow.
I added a picture to the "view outside our backdoor" link on the side.

Joel making a snow angel.

Josiah watching the snow from the window.


A pleasant surprise!!

I received a phone call this afternoon from Shane Miller. He said he was over at the student center talking to someone from Santiago Christian School. Terry Roberts, the director of SCS for the last two years was there. It was great to meet and talk with him about the school.

It was great to talk with him and it brought back a lot of great memories from the Dominican.

Last week Toledo. This week the Dominican. God has really provided us with great opportunities to stay connected with places where we have served.


Laundry time

It is been over a week since I last wrote on here. Sorry about not keeping you up t0 date.

Josiah is doing much better. We are regularly running him through the washing machine to keep him germ free. Just joking but it provides a wonderful transition to a great picture one of the girls in the dorm took of Josiah.

A little more of an update.

Krista has a head cold or something going on. It just started today. Pray that it would pass quickly.

This past week we were blessed with a visit by some people from Emmanuel. It was great to people from Toledo. It was also a great reminder to me of how blessed we are to have family and friends in Toledo, Pittsburgh area and around the world who love us and care for us. God is amazing. It was very strange to see Adam Bomar in the student center of BBC.

Two of my three professors this semester told us their classes were very front-end heavy on work. That has proven true. VERY TRUE. I have a big greek test Thursday and a paper due on Friday
It has been difficult but next week begin a two week "break." Actually they are not breaks. February 19-21 is the seminary Global Ministry Forum (a seminaries title for Missions Conference). February 26- March 2 is a one week module class. The class I am taking during the week is conflict resolution in the church.
Happy Birthday to all of our family members who celebrated or will celebrate Birthday in February especially grammy and grandma.