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Steamtown pictures:

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Our camping trip:

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My activities and priorities


From Thursday to Sunday night I have been to Philadelphia and back to Clarks Summit, then to Pittsburgh and back to Clarks Summit and then to Rochester, NY and back to Clarks Summit. (over 1400 miles of driving or riding in a car.
  • Thursday - I went to Lincoln Financial Field to see the Philadelphia Eagles lose to the New England Patriots in my first ever live football game. O.K. I know it was only preseason.
  • Friday and Saturday - Drove out to Pittsburgh and dropped the boys of at grammy's house for the week with her and Aunt Deb and cousins Jacob and Nolan.
  • Sunday - Travelled with Krista to Rochester, NY to attend the celebration service of a 37 year old college friend who passed away very unexpectedly.


I light of these events and one of the tributes shared @ Keith's Celebration service, I have been evaluating life's priorities and I wanted to share some insights with you.

Priorities in rank of importance:
1. Live life in such a way that God is glorified. This is done first and foremost through personal, life changing relationship with Jesus.

2. Remember the importance of spending time with family.

Much further down on the list: NFL football. There are so many things that are more important than an NFL football.