First Semester is Done!

This morning I took my Greek final.
I have completed my first semester of classes at Baptist Bible Seminary.

I won't know how I did on the exam until after Christmas but I felt like the test went well. A lot of the stuff that I specifically made a point to study was on the exam so that was good. There were a couple of my answer that I know are incorrect but it is done and I know I passed.

Our schedule for this Christmas "break" is going to be a little crazy because my job is in the retail business and Christmas is the busiest time of the year.

On Saturday 5:00 pm were are going to be leaving Borders Bookstore for Toledo, OH
Pray we would make good time and that the boys would sleep in the van.

I will be leaving Toledo, OH on Monday night to travel to Pittsburgh. Krista and the boys will stay in Toledo until Friday probably. I will spend the night at my mom's house and then leave Tuesday morning for Scranton. I am scheduled to work on Tuesday at 3:30. We still need to work out some of the details on how Krista and the boys will get back here on January 2. A possible plan is my mom and Krista's parents meeting halfway between Toledo and Pittsburgh. They would then stay with my mom Friday through Sunday or Monday. On Sunday or Monday I would meet them and my mom halfway between Pittsburgh and BBC. Did anyone understand that?
If you did could you please explain it to me because now I am a little confused.


Monday Report

One final done... Principles of Church Growth.
One final left...... Greek on Thursday morning.

Not sure how the one this morning went. I knew the information but it was all essay questions so we will see how it is graded.

We are planning to be at Emmanuel for this Sunday mornings service.


Late Night Observations

Yes it is Saturday night/ Sunday 12:42 am. Late night at Borders. It has been a little challenging with the end of the semester work and the Christmas work.
Please be praying for my exams next week.

I was coming home from work and saw something I just had to comment on. Outside Target there was a line of people with big heavy blankets. One group even had outdoor heater of some sort. They were lined up waiting for.....
The Nintendo Wii. Target was going to be getting some in and these people just had to get this game for Christmas. This next statement may offend some of the younger readers but I am going to say it anyway.

IT IS JUST A VIDEO GAME PEOPLE!!! I played one frame (not game but frame) of bowling on it. It was interesting but IT IS JUST A VIDEO GAME PEOPLE!!!

That is the end of my late night tirade on the absurdity of our culture.

If you care to comment please do.